How many people are there out there having this same conversation as us?

Inviting us to step into a role of a character in her fictional narrative, Carmen de la Roca creates a familiar situation where everything assembles everyday life. The exhibition transforms the gallery into a set design, mimicking a public space that holds the capacity to embrace intimate acts such as stripping the body or facing one’s own perception of themselves, simultaneously being a meeting point for strangers in front of mirrors.

‘A Less Obedient Version Of Alexa’ speaks about an all-seeing and all-knowing entity, viewing her connection to Google as a father-daughter relationship. Overhearing her thoughts and getting a brief insight into the life of a stranger, one tends to wonder how role models as cultural translators affect our personal feelings. What is the impact of dominant ideologies on internal thoughts, sense of self-value and ability to trust oneself?

Join us for a workshop on Sunday, May 21st from 15:00-18:00, and design your own meme whilst we talk about Google, father-daughter relationships and clothes.  

The exhibition space worked as an audio-installation. In the middle changing room was a dialogue between two girls trying on clothes. Viewers could come closer to overhear their private yet relatable conversation.

Special thanks to Stroom Den Haag, Trixie, Sign Groningen, Carmen Dusmet Carrasco, Jessica Varghese, Lance Laoyan, Adam Centko, Marlot Meyer, Helena Roig, Yannick Güldner, Clara Lezla, Selina Landis, everyone at Trixie & Touchy Studios, Patrick Given, las Maria’s, my grandma Pilar Iranzo Barceló and Eva Örk Arnadóttir.

Curated by Elena Apostolovski

Photo credits (top to bottom): Katarina Juričić
Photo credits (opening: four bottom): Naomi Moonlion