In a world of screens and alter ego’s: Gossip Quarters, a four-screen room divider, shows some of the many forms the word “gossip” takes online. After using AI deep learning models to generate digital images from the prompt “gossip” and realizing the pattern was feminine, Carmen loosely interpeted her findings on yet another screen with a multiplicity of characters and their stripped versions.

Gossip Quarters (2023) is a wood and acrylic painted 3.5 x 0.2 x 1.8 metres room divider commissioned by Sign gallery. With materials painted to look like something they’re not and portrayals becoming unhinged; one must wonder what meaning we’ve so purposely created online if our own deep learning model tools only know half of the story.
Group exhibition titled Id Expired at Sign, Groningen. Blurb, “What versions are there of someone? What you are is a mix of identities. Digital alter egos alternate with real ones. How are they formed and used? Context, environment, opinion, orientation influence the impression; even masks and face filters express and show other layers of one's self.”

Photo credits (top to bottom): Adam Centko