Carmen Roca Igual is a visual artist researching human behaviour and the social makeup we apply in relation to new media. Her work combines identity, technology, and empowerment. She researches and explores experiences through fictional characters as a proxy to her and society's dilemmas.

“Coming from a moving image background I was used to thinking in 2D, when I decided to move my video-based practice into space I became aware of the physicality of the relationship between the viewer and the artwork. I realized the videos could come to life and the audience could be placed in the role of the character.”

Carmen’s videos and installations are about looking outside and looking within, a mode of introspection. Creating these building facades allows her to talk about voyeurs, spectators and what it feels to be looked at. Using Spanish elements, bright colours and humorous characters helps her create a unique aesthetic that invites the viewer in to learn more.

Artwork Titles: Smiles and Pay per view Channel & Remedios Enojada
Edition: 3 + 1 AP
Price with AV equipment
Video Loop duration: 13 minutes
Installation 3,5 x 3,5 metres

Contact me for Technical Specifications sheet 
Installation Customisation:
    • Wallpaper color can be adjusted upon request.
    • Installation dimensions can be adapted within size limitations.

Photo credits: Beeldsmits