Apatia y Devocion (2022), is a 20min film where the characters explore the meaning of getting to know themselves. A surreal but strangely familiar world. This world allows us to question the relation between both our inner and outer experiences. As our daily lives increasingly merge with our online presence, realities seem to blur. How do they influence each other, and how do they connect? The short film draws parallels between silent cinema and the editing style, attention span and algorithms of TikTok. The characters delve into relationship and self-improvement stereotypes. A girl trying to selfishly and spiritually get over a breakup, her loving friend (always by her side) helps her out with a lot of judgement.
Written, directed and produced by Carmen de la Roca
Cinematography by Adam Centko
Assistant Director by María Igual Aparici
Graphic Design by Carmen Dusmet Carrasco
Sound Production by Povilas Čepulis
Motion Graphics by Clara Lezla
VFX by Adam Centko
3D Animation by Sam Rynearson
Face Filters by Hannah Mulqueen
Styling by Carmen Roca Igual
Styling Assistant by Maria Roca Igual, Maria Igual Aparici, Ana Llinás, Paula Sos, Lola Bou
Colour Grading by Carmen Roca Igual
Comissioned by 1646

María Igual Aparici
Carmen Roca Igual
Jackeline Ramos
Dolores Colomer Sales
Paula Sos
Lledó García
Lola Bou
Natxo Navarro
Manel Brancal