Clean Talk (2021), is a 9min video that mixes the past with the future, retelling old stories from a contemporary point of view. The women are being filmed as a favour to their cousin who directs the scenes. The cousin makes them clean and gossip for hours while carefully orchestrating a fictional piece that often breaks the fourth wall as the women break out of character to talk to and disagree with their cousin. The setup and framing of the characters are inspired by the Conversation Pieces of the 18th Century but with a modern twist.
Written, directed and produced by Carmen de la Roca
Assistant Director by María Igual Aparici
Cinematography by Pablo Reverter
Boom Operator A.Wellet
Sound Production by Povilas Čepulis
Music Composed by Eurowitch
Graphic Design by Carmen Dusmet Carrasco
Photography by María Roca Igual
Styling by Carmen Roca Igual
Colour Grading by Carmen Roca Igual

María Igual Aparici
Rebeca Urieta
Dolores Colomer Sales
Jackeline Ramos